Technical Entertainment Services

A full service production and rigging company   

TES | Technical Entertainment Services, LLC is a Full Service Production Company, LED Video Wall provider and a Live Stage Rigging Contractor. Our Mission; deliver great shows that awe, inspires, surprises, delights and engages the audience. After all, when was the last time you were bored at a great show? This happens thru experience, proper planning and on-site execution. We put the polished professional look on your world class event and [ or ] use your designs that sets the stage to captivate audiences and deliver a message. We look at things through different lenses around here, we never settle for  just a mundane show . 

 We also love to add major production factors when we get the chance creating an even more unforgettable show. Our team generates innovative ideas that engage, energize, inform and inspire audiences. We have the equipment and resources along with an experienced team to make all things possible. We create memorable moments that make your audience fall in love with your brand time and time again.

                                             Design * Support * Collaborate * Turnkey * Experience * Technicians

At TES | we have long standing relationships with our clients and staff. Every project is addressed with creativity, efficiency and quality. Our focus is geared towards your needs regardless of the event size we are committed to use the best products for the best price everyday. We all have many years in the biz and love what we do, that  passion is reflected in our work at your show...This is why producers, event planners, experimental marketing companies, venue management, in-house audiovisual companies and production companies alike, looking for support or a solution to turnkey a show, all rely on TES to get the job done right!


Were based in South Florida. We also do International events and travel all over this great country of THE USA.

Call our Backstage HOTLINE 954-586-7098 or email to speak with a pro about your show.

In the meantime, we have posted a few pictures of our work so can you get a feel of what it is we do and our style of designs, enjoy! If you dream it, we'll build it.

We look forward to welcoming you and for you to become part of the TES family.

TES |  Licensed and Insured